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Czech Republic - - Stupna -

Country: Czech Republic
City: Stupna
Price: 325,-
Available: Directly

The house Marc & Eva is situated upon a mountain in the rustic place Stupna in the giant mountains. The outside of the house has been built in a Czech style and is a roomy, cosy and well-appointed home. It is siuated against a mountain slope and at the edge of the woods.
A nice view of the surrounding meadows and valleys.
The giant mountain (Krkonose)
The Krokonose is the most popular mountain range in the Czech Republik amongst visitors. The mountain is situated alongside the Northern part of the national boundery with Poland. The borderline follows the top of the main ridge from Tvaroznik to Mala Upa.

The Krkonose is the only range of mountains in the Czech Republic whose parts possess the greatest mountain characteristics. The highest peak of the Czech Republic, the Snezka with the altitude of 1602 m above the sea level, also belongs to this mountain range.

The krkonose is approximately 40 km in length and 20 km in width. The Northern part of the mountain slopes steeply downhill towards the Slezska Rovina on the Polish side. The Southern part has a moderate slope towards the Podkrkonosska Pahorkatina.

The relatively small area (approx. 600 km2) enables a close experience of the mountain to be gained rather soon and a feeling of close familiarity with the environment to be attained after a few days spent in the area. The whole mountain range and the region nearby is provide with a network of marked footpaths for tourists, which begin at the tourist and holiday centres and pass by the many hotels and hostels on the hillside of the mountain to reach the crests of the mountain ridges.

The footpaths and other tracks in the mountain offer the best conceivable conditions for a cycling tourist, especially in the Southern region of the mountains. A map provides a survey of the tourist routes for cyclists which were designed and signposted by the KRNAP (The National Park of The Krkonose) administration centre. The network of the tourist routes for cyclists renders ideal conditions for learning about the unique natural environment of the Krkonose.

In the National Park area, cycling is only permitted on the marked tourist routes for cyclists. Protected areas, paths and footpaths unavailable for cyclists are usually signposted with a no entry for bicycles sign. Some of the marked routes continue into the spectacular slope area under the Krkonose and follow the nearby areas of Cesky raj, Jizerske hory, and Adrspach and Teplice sandstone regions in the East.

When planning your cycling trips in the Krkonose, we would recommend you to consider the length and the physical workload of the chosen route as well as the weather forecast very carefully and to check your bicycle properly before going. Please pay special attention to your brakes, whose perfect response can only be fully appreciated in fast downhill rides.

An unexpected problem caused by a sudden change of weather can be easily resolved by staying in one of the countless cottages in the mountain. We would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable journey and an unforgettable experience from the Krkonose.

The rental prices are variable (low-season, mid-season, high-season). For further information: www.marceneva.com or www.tjechhuis.com

Contact: elly.beijnders@tiscali.nl

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