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Ecuador - Pichincha - Cayambe(Ayora) -

Country: Ecuador
Region: Pichincha
City: Cayambe(Ayora)
Price: 245000

The White House Mansion from Ayora was constructed over a period of 2 years. Now finished, the Mansion has the reputation of being the most notorious estate of Cayambe and its surroundings.
The location of the house is unique. Within only 7 minutes you are in downtown Cayambe. Although the house itself is located in a beautiful natural, green area, great for walking, horse riding or biking. At 50 meters distance you have the reputable Collegio Rousseau, where children from 3 to 16 years can study.

The views you have are as follows: To the South you have the view of the growing city Cayambe, great for shopping. To the West, you have the beautiful laguna Mojanda. To the East you have the majestic view on the Mount Cayambe, with its beautiful white glacier. And when the sky is clear, you can see the Mount Cotocachi to the North-West.

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