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Spain - Andalucia - Setenil -

Country: Spain
Region: Andalucia
City: Setenil
Available: directly

In the Heart of Andalucía in-between Seville, Cádiz, Malaga and Granada,
exists Spain’s best hidden secret; Setenil de las Bodegas. It is a unique,
stunning and vivid village, filled with about three thousand easy going

“Finca las Canchas” is situated just two and a half kilometres downstream,
towards the Unesco protected town of Olvera(10.000 inhabitants). “Finca las
Canchas” is in a very private location, next to the river, surrounded by
olives, stone oaks and gorgeous mountains.

This unique property, exists of 20.000 square metres of flat fertile
agricultural land and another 70.000 square metres of approved biological

With it’s ‘ready to move in apartment of about 50 square meters you could
move into “Las Canchas” straight away and develop, while living on site,your own dream

Contact: robin@stofmeel.com

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