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Germany - Glanerbrug - Gronau -

Country: Germany
Region: Glanerbrug
City: Gronau
Price: 99.500
Available: Directly

Newly built houses in Gronau Germany.

Newly built houses in Germany make a difference in price more than 50,000,- euro in purchase with the Netherlands. We can offer you a newly built house for only 99,500,- euro. key ready with contents of 520m3. By bicycle, within 20 minutes the children can reach to a Dutch school in Glanerbrug. The centre of Enschede is to reach within 10 minus by car. For further information you can find us on:
www.oeko baupartner.com TeL:0611.472.056
or e-mail: b.kleton@home.nl

Contact: b.kleton@home.nl

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