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Switzerland - Graubunden - Vals -

Country: Switzerland
Region: Graubunden
City: Vals
Price: Contact owner
Available: Directly

Recreation in Switzerland, Vals
A beautiful studio/apartment for 2 persons situated on the 2nd floor of Haus Zervreila (Therme Hotel). The apartment is functionally organized with a live/dining Room - Kitchen/Hall - Bath/WC - Tel/TV/Rd. You have a balcony with a beautiful view on the Bündner Oberlands Alps (Surselva).
You have your own cellar under Haus Zervreila. This is an ideal place for all conceivable winter sports.
In the Hotel, are the Felsen Therme baths, thermal baths of native nature stones.

A short footpath (30 sec.), leads from the two houses Tomül and Zervreila to the Therme.
The Therme: mountain, stone, water, building in the stone, being inside the mountain. The thermal baths:
New fitness offers - e.g. strength training and endurance training - are being integrated into therapy programmes.
The traditional therapeutic applications, such as massage, baths, mudpacks and gymnastics are being used more
and more by people who wish to relax and regenerate themselves. Enjoy the different experiences of the "Stone music bath”,” the Cave of springs", "the Flower bath", "the Stream bath" and much more.
Inside the Therme Hotel: The only thermal spring in Graubünden which contains calcium, sulphate, hydrogen, carbonate and iron. The thermal pool hewn out of local rock and offers a mystical-sensual experience in the midst of modern architecture.
Outdoor pool winter /summer. The Indoor pool / Fire pool / Bathing / Ice pool / Ice bath / Spring water drinking stone / Massage rooms etc.
The original room from the sixties have something of a ship's cabin. As much as possible fitted into a compact area,
the beds bolted to the wall on the right and left. The l interior designer really was a marine design architect. A touch of high seas in the mountains.
Vals: The breathtakingly pure air? The sense of eternity that comes from contemplating a panorama of alpine peaks?
I'd like to suggest that it is the chance to rest and relax. In Vals we slow down and find the peace and quiet that we’re looking for.
We feel inspired, our senses reawaken, and we marvel at the things that we don't take the time to notice in everyday life.
The wildness and beauty of the valley, its quiet and seclusion, the rock and the water, the soothing effect of the thermal springs.

The village has a special character, thanks to the stone roofs of the houses.
Vals offers trekking, hiking, skiing and snowboarding up to 3000 meters in altitude.
How to get here: By rail (SBB) to Chur, change to the Rhäetian Railway as far as Ilanz, then by postal coach to Vals (20 km).
By road: Basel - Chur - Flims - Ilanz - Vals.

For more information see www.therme-vals.ch, www.vals3000.ch or www.vals.ch

Contact: franceschi@zeelandnet.nl

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