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Spain - Playa Macenas - Mojacar -

Country: Spain
Region: Playa Macenas
City: Mojacar
Price: from 309.000,-
Available: autumn 2007

Playa Macenas Golf and Beach Resort is situated in the neighborhood of the medieval city Mojacar. Completely surrounded by a protected nature park, where no project development is allowed. This prevents it from getting to crowded. Because the houses are built on slopes in the hills, the houses give you a spectacular view over the Mediterranean sea, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Spain and the Sierra Nevada with her eternal snow. This urbanization is built in Moorish style, spread around are open village centers, to mirror traditional characteristics of surrounding villages and cities. From the total of 1.359.000 m2 only 141.633 m2 will be built with 1.395 houses, varying from detached tot half detached, apartments and pieces of land. (150 hectare land has been given to the council of Mojacar and another 27 hectare of land will be used to build a botanic garden, where the rare plant species Limonium Estevei will be planted and protected.) Altos de Macenas is the most exclusive housing estate within the Playa Macenas Beach & Golf resort. The first houses will be realized in the autumn of 2007.
Joint satellite dish, and preparation for cable free telephone and internet are present. 10 year guarantee on construction and foundation., 3 years for building and installations and 1 year for connections. Several swimming pools and tennis courts are present. Several types of water sport like diving, snorkeling, water skiing and sailing, plenty of restaurants, a spa centre, several shops and boutiques and a five star hotel.
The houses available with one or two stories and are built in groups of beautiful split level complexes existing out of 2 or 3 stories. Los Altos Type- 1PB-2(3) bedrooms total 108,95m2. Los Altos- Type 2PB- 2 bedrooms total 103,05m2. Los Altos- Type3-2 bedrooms total 78,50m2. Los Altos- Type4- 2 bedrooms between 80,42 m2 and 97,90 m2. Los Altos- Type 5- 2 bedrooms between 67,35 m2 and 85,05 m2. Los Altos- Type6 2 bedrooms total 82,20 m2.
Prices from 309.000 euro K.K.

Playa Macenas Golf and Beach Resort

Contact: jacques.mooiweer@speurdersprofessionals.nl

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